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Ultra Aire DEH3000 control failed: Any better alternatives?

J Heckmann | Posted in Mechanicals on

Last night I heard the Ultra Aire turn on, then it suddenly turned off. Got up to look at the control and the screen was blank. Went downstairs to check the unit, turned the knob towards “drier” and the dehumidifier kicked on normally. So it looks like the control may have died after only five years (warranty is one year).

Before I spend $300 to replace the DEH3000, are there better alternatives? I don’t need/want a wifi capable controller. Ideal solution would be a single control for dehumidifier, ventilation, and gas furnace with AC (Trane), but just a replacement would be fine.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. J Heckmann | | #1

    BTW I did perform the test in the manual, connecting 24V and FAN terminals at the control turns on the fan; connecting 24V and COMP turns on the compressor and fan. So the control is faulty.

    The Aprilaire 8910 looks interesting.

  2. Steve Knapp CZ 3A Georgia | | #2

    I use a very simple Honeywell humistat with my Ultra Aire. No bells or whistles but less than $40.

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