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Understanding Heat Pump Modes

brian_wiley | Posted in Mechanicals on

Hi all,
I have a GreeFlexx Heat Pump, and noticed that it has three modes available: Standard/Conventional; Strong; and Energy Saving.

The service manual describes energy saving mode as the following: Energy saving mode is achieved by setting the condensing unit operating mode to operate the air conditioner within a small load range. (screenshot and link to manual below)

It really doesn’t mention it any where else, nor does it define what a ‘small load range’ is. I’ve tried contacting their technical support department, but they’ll only respond to licensed mechanical contractors.

Does anyone know what the difference between these three modes could be?


Service Manual (Page 14)

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  1. yesimon | | #1

    Probably the same as in LG models. It reduces max capacity so you'll be operating at a more efficient point in the fan/compressor power curve. It will take longer to recover from a setback but you'll pay less kWh/BTU.

  2. brian_wiley | | #2

    Thanks so much for that, yesimon. That power consumption chart made it really easy to visualize how that mode is working.

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