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Unusual use of RainSlicker plus Typar: backwards?

ohioandy | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

I asked a question on this forum about some masonry details, and it suddenly occurred to me that I need a bit of advice on another aspect of my wall.

With a masonry/air-gap system, I am going with a 3d drainage mat in between two water-resistive barriers. The first is already on the sheathing, in the form of a liquid-applied membrane (StoGuard.) To complete the WRB system, I figured I’d use a product that integrates the drainage mat and a second WRB–HomeSlicker Plus Typar.

Trouble is, this requires installing the HomeSlicker BACKWARDS and UPSIDE DOWN, so that the Typar is on the outside. Is this absurd and can’t possibly work, or is it brilliant? Will the Typar flaps work adequately in shingle-lapped style to shed water down the surface? It’s meant to be butt-jointed at vertical joints and lapped with a separately-attached piece of Typar, so how would that work?

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  1. jtlloyd | | #1

    Actually there is a product that is designed for the very application you are talking about. Check out Keene Building Products & their Driwall system.

  2. ohioandy | | #2

    Joshua, you're right, that product is designed for applications like mine. However, it is a drainage mat with a mortar-deflection fabric, not a second WRB. I have been strongly encouraged by Martin Holladay and others to actually incorporate a second WRB, essentially sandwiching the drainage mat between two WRBs. (My wall system, which includes Structural Insulated Panels behind all this, is particularly sensitive to moisture, and I need to take these extra steps...)

  3. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #3

    I don't see any reason why you can't install the product upside-down and backwards, as long as you think through the laps. (Make sure that your laps follow the laws of physics and pass the common-sense smell test.)

    If you want more reassurance, you can always call the tech help people at Benjamin Obdyke, the manufacturer of Home Slicker. The customer service number is 800-346-7655.

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