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Use of acoustical sealant and Denarco SureSeal

charlygreen | Posted in General Questions on

Hey Folks,
My wife has agreed to lend a hand with some of the tedious air sealing details on our build. I have plenty of Tremco acoustical sealant and intended to use it for the bottom plate to subfloor,  gap between top plate and double top plate, and between any of the exterior wall studs with two or more butting together. I have read many of the articles here on GBA referring to the use of polyurethane sealants but not many mention using acoustical sealant at these boundaries. Is there a reason that I should not use the acoustical sealant at these joints? 

Additionally, I have purchased a couple rolls of Denarco SureSeal to test out after reviewing too many airtight drywall threads, videos, and articles. I like the idea of being able to detail that myself before the drywall contractor arrives so that I don’t have to worry about whether or not they feel my air sealing details are important or “worth it” to put in the extra time. Does anyone have any reviews or input as to whether or not it will stay in place for a week or so if I try to get it put up there with time to spare before drywallers arrive?

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