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Using Nailed Structural-Use Panel & Lumber Beams

Faulted1 | Posted in Green Building Techniques on

I using 2 X 6 wall construction.

The APA has a manual for constructing what is a wooden box beam.

The architect for the project will not use less than double 2 X 12 headers with 2.5″ of foam between them on any opening more than 4 ft.

Which is better stronger and more energy efficient?

Other alternatives?

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  1. SLSTech | | #1

    1 Story, 2, 3, 5? Snow loads, seismic concerns, ornamental pieces? All of these items, and maybe a few I didn't think of can be a reason why he might have spec'd those. Thus you should start by asking him why he spec'd those & see if he has any better options for improving Energy Efficiency

    Next we get into questions on what foam you are using and how are you insulating those walls - I can actually see the header having a better R Value than the rest of the wall.

    While we are at it, are you using 3 stud corners, ladders, and building 24" or 16" OC? Why all the large windows & doors - those are probably going to decrease your energy efficiency more than a slightly oversized header (if it is)

    Just giving you something to think about

  2. Faulted1 | | #2

    1 story in NW Arkansas where it rarely snows except this year.
    Sips walls with EPS
    No seismic concerns
    Ornaments? Just on the Christmas tree.
    Why? I asked. Better to be too big. Easier with one size. No options
    Several pairs of awning windows which are wide but short. Wide opening - minimum glass.

  3. Expert Member
    ARMANDO COBO | | #3

    Your Architect can look them up in 2009 IRC… look at Chapter 5, Table R502.5(1), page 118.

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