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Vapor barrier/retarder for Rockwool R23 insulation

Harikrushn Patel | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

My exterior walls are Zip system R-6 Panel with 2×6  wall. I am planning to use Rockwool R-23 insulation for 2×6 wall. I am located in Zone-4. Do I need to use vapor barrier or retarder?

Please advice


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  1. ShaferHighPerfomance | | #1

    According to Dan Edelman of Rockwool he says No. He's @danedelmanrw on IG or [email protected] . He's a great resource for all things rockwool.

  2. Kyle R | | #2

    A class 3 vapor retarder is sufficient (drywall with latex paint)

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