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Vent locations

ATXMatt | Posted in Mechanicals on

We are finishing up our barndominium build. It’s a 46′ long metal building with one end towards the woods and one end towards a valley and wide open space/sky (and above our covered deck). 

I’m about to make the final connection to the septic system, but have not yet finished the venting. Everything is capped right now. My plan was to exit out the side of the building, and not through the roof (Future solar on one side and solar HW for the hot tub on the other). 

We are also planning to install an ERV. 

I understand the spacing requirements for ERV intake vs the vent stack, but am trying to make the best choice not the minimum spacing choice. Also wondering if there is a best choice for which end of the building, wooded or wide open for each. I am thinking fresh air on one end of the building and stale air/vent stack on the other end. But is it better to push stale/stanky air out over the porch and deck looking out into the valley (more chance it will be blown away, but if it isn’t it is right above our outdoor space) or put it on the uphill/wooded side where there is not a lot of air movement so it could just hang out. 

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  1. user-2310254 | | #1

    Higher on the wall is better in terms of avoiding dust, pollen, and insects. I'd also pick a location that is away from roads or driveways, particularly if these surfaces are unpaved.

    Based on personal experience, I would install an accessible filter box ahead of the ERV. Pre-filtering the air will help to keep a lot of stuff (and critters) from entering the ERV enclosure.

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