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Vent separations and strategies

[email protected] | Posted in Mechanicals on

I’m building a home where I’m venting a high efficiency propane forced air furnace, a HRV (stale indoor/fresh outdoor), an on demand water heater, and a propane dryer from a mechanical room in about 8 feet of horizontal wall area. Additionally, I’m spot ventilating a range hood and bathroom fan on adjacent walls. My biggest concern is that I have dry fresh air for the HRV. There aren’t any windows to really worry about and the mechanical room is on the first floor of a two story home so I can go up with some of the vents. Any ideas on the best venting strategy in this relatively small area would be appreciated.

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    You want to cluster all of the exhaust vents near each other on one side of the room, so that the fresh air intake for the HRV can be as far away as possible from any of these exhaust vents. The minimum distance between the fresh air intake for the HRV and any exhaust vent is 6 feet.

  2. [email protected] | | #2

    Thanks Martin. Does it make any sense to run the fresh air intake higher vertically on the exterior wall as well. Also, the furnace and water heater set up is with combustion air provided from the exhaust cluster area. Any issues with that?

  3. charlie_sullivan | | #3

    If the aesthetics allow, you can also add an exterior duct for the HRV intake to run it futher away or around the corner.

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