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Ventana Select Windows Passive House Rated Windows (70 Series and 86 Series)

charlesfamu | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

Has anyone worked with or heard of Ventana Select Windows before? Ventana Select is a supplier and manufacturer of vinyl windows, doors, and fences located right outside of Pittsburg, PA. On their website, they have 70 Series and 86 Series windows that show solid energy efficient specs; however, I haven’t found any information about the company or their products (outside of their website). It seems like the American energy efficient window manufacturers you commonly hear about are Alpen and Zola.

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  2. drewintoledo | | #2

    Since you posted, I've inquired. From what I gather, the names Ventana and Logic are interchangeable. IS there anything specific you're looking for? They use the REHAU style frame that seems to come in two sizes no matter which company makes them, 70mm or 86mm.
    I also have a cross sectional sample of their PHIUS certified 86mm triple pane window sitting here next to me and hardware looks nice. It appears they use Cardinal glass in three main performance levels.
    The prices seem to be just as good if not better than prices I've seen from euro imports, especially the slider. I prefer to purchase American made products where it makes sense therefore I may choose this brand. I'd be using the lowest U value on all sides except for the southern exposure where I'd install higher SHGC and the eastern facing slider.
    Let me know what you'd like to see and I'll make a quick video for you and post here?

  3. drewintoledo | | #3
  4. drewintoledo | | #4

    I was at a cookout yesterday when the owner of Pinnacle Windows, the window reseller, contacted me. After discussion I believe the seals are a nonissue and the clasp in the video is only installed for the sample unit and the actual window has multiple locks and pulls shut when turning the handle. I am told that you can both feel and see the seals compress when it closes.

  5. charlesfamu | | #5

    Thanks for posting the video and the research you've done.

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