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Ventilation baffles

Dave B | Posted in General Questions on

I wanted a opinion on if ventilation baffles area needed in my situation.
The house has a covered porch and the vented soffit will be 7′ out from the house wall, there is then a 2′ high OSB above the top plate to keep the insulation in, with 15″ opening above it. It’s then 20’+ to the ridge vent.
1st picture looking from wall out to soffit opening
2nd picture distance between soffit and wall
3rd picture looking at wall up to rigid vent

Thanks for any help
Zone 6

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  1. User avatar
    Michael Maines | | #1

    Dave, there is no need for insulation baffles in your situation.

  2. User avatar GBA Editor
    Peter Yost | | #2

    Just to be clear: this is a vented attic with the air control layer at the floor of the attic/ceiling of the top floor.


    1. Dave B | | #3

      Thanks Michael

      you are correct, unconditioned attic with air control layer at celling/ attic floor.

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