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Ventilation rate

user-6652724 | Posted in Building Code Questions on

buiding code required ventilation rate for residential 1-2 family
is 15 cfm/person or 0.35 ach living space whichever is greater
what is considered living space
is cellar assessory storage / other included
it ends up being a big number .

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  1. user-2310254 | | #1

    Is your cellar connected to the conditioned space? FWIW. Allison Bailes has this article on ventilation rates:

    We probably need more ventilation than current guidelines call for.

    1. user-6652724 | | #2

      Hi Steve,
      thanks for article . i like to read his stuff
      Yes the house is (3) story Cellar is open area and conditioned . the house is about 10,000 sf ceiling vary ( 8-11'-6)
      only 8 people. using .35 ach its a lot of O.A
      i was wondering what other people consider living space
      the first floor is the main floor , then bedroom on second floor
      using 15 cfm/person 120 cfm using 0.35 ach about 375 cfm . big difference

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