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Ventless Dryer Indoor Air Quality

ranson | Posted in General Questions on

Has any study looked at the IAQ impact of ventless dryers? It’s clear from the amount of lint that ends up on coil that a lot of small lint is getting blown past the double lint traps. My general understanding of particulate pollution is that small particles are worse for you, and from what I’ve heard about, doing laundry produces a lot of microplastic.

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  1. jenniferz5 | | #1

    I would love to know the answer to this, too! Our Miele Heat Pump (ventless) dryer produces some dampness and an odor while running - not anything unpleasant, no bad smell, but it has made me wonder if there are lint particles in the air. My plan is to add a Panasonic WhisperGreen to this room and run it while the dryer is on. For now, we run a window fan in exhaust mode that has removed the humidity and odor.

  2. ThirtyWest | | #2

    I too was wondering that. I noticed an insane amount of very fine lint around our Miele....

  3. frasca | | #3

    I have the Miele and I have never noticed any change in PM2.5 readings on my Awair monitor when the Miele has been running. Granted my Awair is in my living room which is a hallway away from the laundry room…

    I’ll put the Awair in the laundry room next time I run the Miele, but it’s line-drying season in the PNW so that might be a while :)

    1. Trevor_Lambert | | #5

      Fine particles from the laundry room would make it throughout the house easily and fairly rapidly.

  4. the74impala | | #4

    Seems to be counter to the benefits of this type of dryer if you are blowing air out of the house.

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