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Viega Pex used by plumber – can Uponor be merged?

lookloan | Posted in General Questions on

Hi everyone.  In my area of CT, of the 1/2 dozen plumbers I spoke with, they will only use Viega in their Pex rough in.  Many would reply they never heard of Wirsbo/Uponor which I am familar with.  I was forced to go with Viega if I wanted the rough done.  The plumber made a manifold system with Viega fittings and Pex and there are lines that go to the boiler that are sitting since the boiler and well are not hooked up.  I was wondering is there a way to merge a Viega Pex line with some type of fitting and continue the line with Uponor Pex which would use expansion fittings after the Viega to Uponor merge?  My HVAC guy only uses Uponor. Thanks in advance.

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  1. etekberg | | #1

    Yes. All PEX can be crimped. You can crimp the Aquapex (Uponor) just like anything else. My house is 97% Pex-b with crimp fittings. I have crimped transitions from the pex-b to Aquapex in several places.

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