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Walk Out Basement Insulation Questions

mfb5053 | Posted in General Questions on

Hi All,

My name is Mario, and I’m researching rigid foam board insulation for my basement remodel. I am planning on installing rigid foam on exterior walls on the finished portion of the basement. I live in Central MD (zone 4), and I’m hoping to get some advice on the following questions:

1.  There is an existing partition that contacts the exterior wall.  What is the best method to deal with the framing material that contacts the exterior wall? Do I need to remove that portion of the partition and apply rigid foam behind it or is there another way to address the issue?

2.  What is the recommended material for insulating the exterior wall on the “walk-out” portion of the basement?

3.  What is recommended for insulating an unfinished mechanical room? The mechanical room includes a boiler and laundry. Do exterior walls need to be covered in rigid foam? Does the interior wall between finished and unfinished spaces need to be insulated?

Any help on these issues would be greatly appreciated. 

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