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Wall Assembly

user-7764336 | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

Can anyone give me some examples of what contractors are doing for building envelope retrofits?  I live in Climate Zone 4A (MD Annapolis area) and am interested to see what assemblies people are installing.  I have a slab on grade house, but am interested in Zip sheathing with a rain screen.  I’ve seen a few neighbors get their siding done: one of the contractors used what looked like Henry Blueskin right over the current fiberboard sheathing, another re-sheathed with OSB and stapled a reflective insulation shield.

I’ve read a lot about dew point and I don’t think a lot of homeowners are involved/interested enough to make sure they aren’t creating a moisture problem so I’d like to ask the experts.

Can anyone out there in the 4A area give me an idea of a wall assembly that has provided good air sealing and tighten up their envelope?

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  1. walta100 | | #1

    In zone 4 it is not cold enough for long enough for enough moisture to accumulate in or on the sheeting to damage it.

    My zone 4 wall is 2x6 filled with damp spray cellulose regular Zip sheeting one inch XPS on the outside cover in vinyl siding.


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