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Wall detail design zone 6 nova scotia canada

NSFRAMER | Posted in General Questions on

Hey so I’m building a small house myself and I’m trying to avoid mold and moisture as much as possible. 
Everyone in the area throws up a 2×6 wall, fiber batt, 6 mil poly and 1 inch exterior foam on top of house wrap.

My plans so far are 2×6 wall with r20 fiber batt, intelloplus for smart vapour retarder  
Osb sheathing taped with house textured house wrap and then 11.25R ESP continuous foam insulation on the exterior as per code for my zone to remove dew point at the osb. 



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  1. Expert Member


    That will be a very well performing wall, but compared to the standard one around you a lot more complicated to build. The thickness of the foam will necessitate strapping the walls to support cladding (not a bad thing), and figuring out window and door detailing. Nothing insurmountable, but not the simple, quick build favoured by your neighbours.

    The only change I'd suggest would be to substitute a variable-perm membrane for the poly to give the walls a drying path.

    1. NSFRAMER | | #2

      Hey Malcom, thanks for the reply!
      Yeah I figured the window bucks and flashing will be annoying but I'm prepared to try!

      I'm definitely going with intello plus instead of poly.
      Its so cold here in winter and so hot and humid here in summer(constant ac for me till fall lol)
      I just don't think poly applies anymore.
      Thanks again!

      1. Expert Member
        MALCOLM TAYLOR | | #3


        If you are up for it I'm sure the result will more than justify the time you put in.

        Good luck with your build!

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