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Wall-Mounted Dehumidifier

DCcontrarian | Posted in General Questions on

Does anyone have recommendations for a portable-type dehumidifier that can be mounted off the ground on a shelf? I want to mount it about 4 feet off the ground so it can drain freely into a utility sink.

The features I am looking for, which don’t seem common:
* Air intake on the front, exhaust on the top, so you can put it against a wall without blocking the air flow.
* Drain on the side or front so it can go against the wall
* No wheels so it doesn’t roll off the shelf when it vibrates
* Controls on the front so you can adjust it without a stepladder.

Ideally it would have not tank to be more compact. Emptying tanks is for chumps!

I know they make units meant for permanent installation in crawlspaces, but those seem to be mostly suspended from the ceiling and require free space on all sides. Plus they are expensive and the reviews of their reliability aren’t good.

Any thoughts?


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  1. dustindawind | | #1

    How important is portability and ease of adjustability? Generally you'd just set it and forget it.
    You may have seen SantaFe's in-wall unit, which you could just build a box for to mount on the wall:
    It's certainly not portable (unless you build a mountable box), and the controls are tucked in behind the cover, so not easily adjustable.

  2. Expert Member
    Michael Maines | | #2

    On a few occasions I have designed and/or built shelves to hold portable dehumidifiers, with lips so they don't roll off. I have one in my basement and it's been fine for 5+ years. I believe that some units have pumps but if not you could use a condensate pump. I'll probably get a Santa Fe unit eventually.

  3. Expert Member
    DCcontrarian | | #3

    So far I've seen a couple that might work.

    The Pohl and Schmitt Cube:

    It has an innovative design where you can detach the tank, which makes for a smaller package with no wheels. Air intake on the front, exhaust on the top. Energy Star. Claims 48db. Auto restart. Controls are on the top but comes with an app for remote control, although a lot of people in the comments have problems with the app. Comments say it's manufactured by Midea.

    The Ivation:

    It has the air intake on the front, the exhaust on the top and the drain on the side, so you could put it against a wall. It is Energy Star and according to the reviews it auto-restarts. Generally the reviews seem good. Drawbacks are the controls on the top and it has wheels.

    1. dustindawind | | #4

      That Pohl+Schmitt Cube looks enticing... I might just get one for my living space.

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