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Wall Walkers Hanging Scaffolding

rockies63 | Posted in General Questions on

I saw this being used on a Perkins Builder Brothers Youtube video (minute 1:50). It looks like a great alternative to setting up scaffolding on the ground, especially on a sloped site.

Anyone here used them?

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  1. Expert Member
    Michael Maines | | #1

    Edit: I'll leave my original comment, but I was mistaken. Rockies63 had a good idea for a thread: I generally prefer reading to watching videos, but I know many others prefer videos, and they put together a great list.

    Original comment: Let me guess, you own or work for the company?

    1. Expert Member

      I was actually wondering about them myself! They looked pretty nifty, and I certainly would consider using them in places where scaffolding was a pain to set up.

      Probably just a question, but even if someone's a rep, a few of those are greener/easier on my back than a stack of scaffolding!

      1. Expert Member
        Michael Maines | | #3

        It looks like the poster has other, relevant posts. Just had the qualities of a spam post, including the poster's name matching the company's location. It does look like an interesting product for production framers, but for custom frame-to-finish builders, pump jacks would be a much more versatile choice.

  2. Expert Member


    If I was a production framer I might consider getting a set. I suspect it would get limited use though.
    - For working off a subfloor I'd rather use planks on horses.
    - It's only useful for the top few feet on a wall, so you still need another scaffold system to work up to that point.
    - How do you get up there to set it up?
    - It's in the way for many tasks. Because it sits against the wall surface, and hangs over the top-plate, it would make sheathing, cladding or applying soffits difficult.

  3. tim_william | | #5

    I like the Perkins content, but keep in mind they are given tools and materials to use in their videos. I have to wonder what decisions they would make if they were spending their own money.
    Case in point, their ongoing series for a "100K rental house" is laughably beyond what a $100K budget would get a normal person.

    1. Expert Member

      To be fair, I believe their budget was for materials, and it's not that big of a house.

      1. tim_william | | #8

        That's cheating! I wonder what the man hours are, they keep making decisions that require more and more time. I gotta admit I am jealous of the project, it looks fun.

  4. rockies63 | | #7

    No, I do not work for the company that makes this product, nor am I a product rep for this or any other company. Nor do I receive any benefits, compensation, or free products or gifts from this or any other company in existence. I also don't work for any company that does business with this company or any other construction, advertising, or internet company.
    Basically, I'm just a retired guy that has a lot of time, loves architecture, and enjoys looking around Youtube for interesting things.
    As a bonus for the curious, here's another Perkins video with a Wallwalker review.

    Also, in one of the NS Builders Youtube videos they use a different type of hanging scaffolding system made by Vanguard (see minute 8:50)

    He doesn't really say the model number in the video, but I suspect it's this one.

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