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Water Filter recommendation

user-894335 | Posted in General Questions on

This may not be a green building question, but it’s related to Green. I am looking for built-in water filter that can remove as much bad stuff such as chlorine, heavy metals, such as barium, cadmium, chromium, lead and mercury. I am looking for the model that I can install at the sink without having to use a water pitcher like Brita. I am also considering whole house water filter.

After reading a lot about water filter on the internet, I am still very confused about what’s the best option. Since there are a lot of green minded knowledge people, I am hoping that some of you have good recommendation.

My kids drinks a lot of water and they keep on buying bottle water. I am hoping that good built-in water filter will help us reduce the plastic water bottles and provide healthier water for the whole family.

Your recommendation for the type / brand of water filter is greatly appreciated.

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