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water furnace 7 series desuperheater

user-471779 | Posted in General Questions on

So i am in the process of having installed 3 water furnace 7 series with desuperheaters. Trying to figure out hot water options. Main side of the house, Im thinking a marathon storage tank heated from the desuperheater. This would feed a 80 gallon heat pump water heater.

125 feet away I have a second manifold to feed the kitchen and some handsinks. I was planning on installing a stiebel tempura 24plus to feed that manifold. I would take the feed from the storage tank 125 feet away.. I figure it can’t hurt, as the water is already in the storage tank, and will warm up the well water that is around 54 degrees.

I have another 7 series desuperheater right next to the kitchen manifold… I was thinking about just using a storage tank with elements there instead of the tempura 24.. but I really don’t have room for two tanks..

1. the storage tank is 50 feet away from the desuperheater… is that a problem? would that be a problem for the circulating pump in the unit?

2. will having a storage tank before the heat pump water heater greatly increase the first hour capacity and efficiency?

3. from what I gather some storage tanks have elements in them.. can I turn them off, or not wire it, it seems like that would be an energy penalty…

Thank you

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