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Water heater power consumption monitoring.

calum_wilde | Posted in Mechanicals on

I searched but only found one thread from three years ago. The advice then was to use a standard power meter. While the idea is good, the box and meter would take up a large amount of space and wouldn’t really give much information about when the power is being used. Does anyone know of a reasonably priced option to monitor a single 240v circuit? Thanks

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  1. walta100 | | #1

    I bought 2 like this one on EBay but have not gotten around to installing them. The price is right if they work.


  2. wisjim | | #2

    I've used devices similar to the one Walter linked to, and they work fine. I use one to monitor energy used to charge our Nissan Leaf. It won't help tell the time energy is used, but gives a running total of kW-hrs.

  3. calum_wilde | | #3

    Thanks guys.

  4. brad_rh | | #4

    I'm using a similar priced one. I tried posting a link but it was blocked as spam. Search on amazon for bayite power meter

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