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Waterproof tile backer

Washburn | Posted in General Questions on

Is there a waterproof tile backer for a tub surround which can be used for a period of time prior to the application of the finished tile surface?

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    As far as I know, the answer is no. I don't recommend that you follow your plan.

    The most waterproof of the available tile backerboard products are probably the polystyrene backerboards like Schlüter Kerdi-Board and Wedi Building Board.

    However, I doubt that either manufacturer recommends that their backerboards be used in an operating shower before the installation of tile. For one thing, it's easy to imagine that the backerboards would be damaged by impact. But if you want a definitive answer, call up the manufacturer's technical hot lines.

    Schluter-Kerdi's number is 800-472-4588.

    Wedi's number is 877-933-9334.

  2. Oak_Orchard | | #2

    Wedi ... ... its expensive but its waterproof, non-absorbent and rot free, considered a structural substrate for wet-area floors, walls and ceilings, is easy to cut with a knife, board-to-stud adhesive and joint sealant are applied with a caulking gun. Any board thickness is available so you can build it for insulation value and rigidity (prior to tiling).

  3. kevin_in_denver | | #3

    A good temporary solution is a wrap-around shower curtain.


    Schluter Ditra, Noble Bond or "rolled gold" tile membranes are often used for crack isolation and water proofing would also do this very well.
    The Schluter is a pretty impressive orange color and might encourage more rapid tile installation.

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