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Waterproofing options for just-parged CMU foundation walls

lukievan | Posted in General Questions on

I’m in Zone 5b and just had some of my CMU foundation walls replaced. The second of two layers of parging will be finished in a couple days. I have a waterproofing guy on deck to apply Ames ‘Blue Max’ and a dimple mat. The specs for Blue Max say to wait at least 7 days for curing of concrete before application. I know it’s generally recommended to wait a full 28-days but given dropping temperatures and various other timelines and priorities, it would be good to move forward on this stage as soon as possible. The mason told me: “as far as curing we can tarp off hole from house to top of bank and put small heater at bottom of hole.” I’m curious to hear any real-world data and advice from folks on here regarding application of waterproofing and shorter-than-ideal concrete cure times. Thank you!

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