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Ways to incorporate gray water into a new bathroom.

SallyMargaret | Posted in Green Building Techniques on

I’m turning an upstairs bedroom into a bathroom in my old home (1896). Simple suggestions to more extravagant ideas welcome. Thanks.

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    The Brac gray water system is available from most major plumbing suppliers such as Ferguson for around $1,600 and should cost another $1,500 to install. It can harvest your laundry, shower and vanity sink waste and use it for flushing toilets.

    For $3,100 you can install a 1.28 gpf toilet and low flow shower head and sink aerators and have enough left over to put a rain garden in the yard to hold gutter wash and other storm water on site and beautify your outdoor environment, that would get my vote.

    I've been a plumber for over twenty years and I've seen some crazy homeowner plumbing along the way. In one house in Durham NC I saw a place where a person had hooked an icemaker up to a natural gas line. I suspect thet he figured out his mistake pretty quickly because the valve was turned off and the copper leading to the icemaker had been cut and bent back on itself to "seal it good."

    I worry that in years to come someone might hook up an ice maker or sink to a gray water pipe (even though the piping used for gray water is generally required to be painted yellow) so I generally avoid installing non-potable water in pressurized lines inside houses, use it for irrigation all you want but lets save the pressurized indoor lines for potable water.

  2. SallyMargaret | | #2

    Thanks for the good advice. I promise not to get too "creative."

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