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We are replacing our fixed-lite windows with laminated IGUs for noise reduction purposes

naylorb | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

We are replacing our fixed lite windows with laminated IGU for noise reduction purposes. We can accommodate a 1″ width. What is the best configuration to use? We are considering (1) 1/4″ monolithic / 1/2″ airspace / 1/4″ laminate (.03″ laminate) or (2) same configuration with two lami and a 1/2″ air space.

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  1. [email protected] | | #1

    From the Saflex Acoustical Glazing Design Guide:

    1/4" annealed / 1/2" airspace / 1/4" annealed --- STC 35 or OITC 28
    1/4" annealed / 1/2" / 1/4" lami (.030PVB) --- STC 39 or OITC 31
    1/4" lami (.030PVB) / 1/2" / 1/4" lami (.030PVB) --- STC 42 or OITC 33

    The numbers given are for "standard" Solutia PVB. There are also special acoustic PVB's available if you want to improve performance even more.

    Anticipate another 1-2 STC points per lami if you go with an acoustic vinyl; but keeping in mind that the acoustic vinyls are intended to perform best at the frequency of the human voice so if you are looking primarily at lower frequencies, such as traffic noise, you should take that into consideration.

    Are you changing windows or just the IGU's?


  2. naylorb | | #2

    Thank you for the answer. We are just changing the IGU's.

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