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Weathershield Window Experience

Nat . | Posted in General Questions on

Anyone have any experience/input with Weathershield windows? The price has come in significantly lower than competitors, i.e. ~30% less for comparable. The rep I am dealing with at company “x” told me that they can’t get their numbers anywhere close because weathershield sells direct – i.e. I can order them and my framer puts them in. Company “x”, and seemingly most others, instead go from “x” –> distributor –> dealer –> to me, so I’m 4th in line. I was surprised he told me this and thought he’d say it was because they were inferior. If the only reason they are cheaper is because I’m cutting out 2 middlemen this seems like a good deal, but if it’s because they are inferior I’d like to know. I can’t find a lot of info.

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  1. Steve Knapp CZ 3A Georgia | | #1


    You probably saw this Consumer Reports blurb on the Weathershield site ( Of course, you need to be buying that series of window for the evaluation to apply.

    I also noted that the blurb showed Andersen 400 Series rating higher. I had Andersen 100 Series (fix and casements) in my last house, and they were great windows. Moreover, they were significant less expensive than the 400 Series window. It might be worth your time to get a quote from Andersen.

    1. GBA Editor
      Brian Pontolilo | | #2

      Hey Steve.

      I agree with you on the Andersen Windows. There are better of course, but in my experience they are a great window for the price.

      Unfortunately, I have no experience with Weathershield products.

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