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We’ve had a new standing seam roof installed on half our house. Now the roof is leaking.

Holly Ward | Posted in General Questions on

I was told by my roofing company that doing a new standing seam in phases is not a problem. We had the northeast side done this summer, and now the ridge is leaking on our house. The roof was not leaking prior to having the work done this summer.

The main reason I decided to do standing seam was so hopefully the snow and ice will not keep building up on it. Any idea why we have leaks now?

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  1. David Meiland | | #1

    Hardly enough info here for an opinion. Why not do the entire roof at once and let the roofers install all their pieces? What ridge cap was installed and how does it interface with the old roofing? Leak problems usually need to be inspected and solved on site. The roofer should come back out and stop the leak. If he can't do it, get someone else who's better.

  2. Aj Builder, Upstate NY Zone 6a | | #2

    Get the contractor back and someone qualified to assess the leak.

  3. Eric Novotny | | #3


    Much more information is required in this case. Do you have a plywood roof deck that the roof was installed to?

  4. John Brooks | | #4

    Dear "Info".... I would suggest that you post comments using your real name.
    Most of your comments seem to repeat or paraphrase what others have already said.
    It looks like you are simply trying to promote your business.

  5. Eric Novotny | | #5


    I appreciate your feedback. I am not sure how asking the customer if the roof was installed on a set of purlins or a full plywood deck is paraphrasing what other people have said.

    Some might see putting my company name as self-promotion while others might perceive it as not hiding behind a random and unknown screename. This is the same screen name that I have used on several other sites where we have 5,000+ posts assisting customers from all over the county/world with construction questions. 99% of my postings are done in response to threads that are either location unknown or known to be outside of our service area.

    If a person was posting with their real name and that was the name of their company, would that be considered self-promotion as well?

    I do appreciate your feedback though and hope that my answers are viewed as more helpful in the future.

  6. Shane Claflin | | #6

    attempting to marry two distinct roof types is not a good idea IMO

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