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What are currently the best values in point-use or on-demand water heaters, available in the US market?

Laura Catanzaro | Posted in Mechanicals on

This would be for a small urban condo with one bathroom and a kitchen.

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    Gas or electric?

  2. Laura Catanzaro | | #2

    Gas. Thanks Martin.

  3. Aj Builder, Upstate NY Zone 6a | | #3

    Who is installing it, DIY or contractor or handyman service?

    Where I live every small town has one dependable plumber and you would just defer to him for what he is comfortable installing and then maintaining.

    If you get more involved with spec-ing a particular unit, then next you need to call the area rep and outlet to get a name of a competent installer along with making sure parts are in stock for quick repairs.

    What are the rest of the condo units using and who are their plumbers?????

    Let me know if my post is helping....

    (I prefer solar but live not in a condo)

  4. Riversong | | #4


    Bosch, Tagaki and Rinnai are all good names in demand heaters. For minimal use, you would need one of the smallest units, perhaps the Bosch 1600H. But the choice will depend on local availability and local serviceability. The most important thing is to size it to your needs.

  5. Laura Catanzaro | | #5

    Thanks Robert and AJ,
    Both your posts helped a lot. I will keep you posted on what is selected.

  6. Michael Chandler | | #6

    I think you should look at the Quietside ODW 120A, simple 3" PVC venting. I've had bad experience with the Bosch units not being able to supply low flow rates all that well. Rinnai has been great for me but the concentric vent kits are fussy to install as compared with two pieces of 3" PVC

  7. Aj Builder, Upstate NY Zone 6a | | #7

    There is a person posting in many forums by the screen name Dana. He is a fantastic source of information to do with water heaters, heating systems, and insulation. Google brings up his posts.

    I am sold on the particular heat exchangers that two companies use. Triangle Tube for boilers and indirect tank setups, and Eternal for water heaters. The Eternal is too much water heater for a small condo. But for larger demands their heater is tops. Why? Stainless steel, and the way it is built, it self cleans the water side of the heating component. And Both Triangle and Eternal have water capacity that eliminates a problem with tankless units (cold water sandwich.)

    Another interesting tidbit. When you install a Quietside which is at a great price point, you can have installed inline with it a small electric water heater which will do as the best units do, eliminate the cold water sandwich phenomena.

    Also for anyone, Google shopping, condensing water heater, for prices and suppliers even in your area if you check the local box.

  8. Laura Catanzaro | | #8

    Thank you everyone--this has been very helpful information!

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