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What are the code requirements in Houston, Texas for how close a garage can be placed to the side property line?

GBA Editor | Posted in Building Code Questions on

I am building a garage without professional help and I want toavoid wasting a day at the city’s building code office just to find out what the code requirements are for how close a garage can be built to the side property line. It’s a simple question but it could otherwise take me a day to get the answer.

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  1. Riversong | | #1

    Use the phone.

  2. Allan Edwards | | #2


    Where in Houston do you live? Deed restrictions may be a factor, if not you can go 3'1" without a firewall. If you are in the City limits a simple call to the permit department, 713-535-7800 and ask for a Plan Checker. Or email me thru my website and I will give you a name.


  3. BobHr | | #3

    There are a couple of things that affect the placement.. Zoning codes have the set back requirements. So call the zoning department of look it up online. If you have CCR's those can be more restrictive than zoning. Also you will need to know if there are any easements such as for utilities. Plat maps sometimes show easements. The survey from when you bought the house my have the information.

    Also note there is a difference between a plat map and a recorded survey. Plat maps are used by the assessors office for tax purposes. Your county may have a recorded survey in the surveyors office from when the subdivision was platted.

    Don't forget overhangs can not be in the setback. I would get professional help if I was getting close to the setbacks, You cant always count on pins.

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