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What building monitoring OS and display technology would you recommend for an office building in Oakland?

aledbury | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

We are a nonprofit office who recently installed a solar array on our building’s flat roof with GRID Alternatives, and want to raise awareness for staff and visitors of the benefits even though they can’t see the system working. By instilling a sense of pride in our system, we hope to encourage staff and visitors to track and be more aware of their behavior (plug load usage, water, etc) and how it ties in with the building’s performance.

Are there any affordable building monitoring operating systems that could plug into our PV’s Envoy system, and perhaps combine with data from our electric meter/ water bill/ other simple to aggregate data and display it in a user-friendly way? We are hoping to install a monitor of some kind in our lobby, as well as feature the live information on our website.

Thank you!

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