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What can I use here?

Theminesweeper | Posted in Green Building Techniques on

There is a space between my glass bifold/accordion door frame and my wall.  The framer said he didn’t tape flash this opening because there’s not a nailing flange on the outside of this frame like there is for my windows.  He said it can be spray foamed to seal it and that would take care of flashing and sealing the opening.  It seems like it should have some sort of flashing in it to protect the wood from water??  So I would like to squeeze some Zip liquid flash into it with a caulking gun before it gets any window foam or backer rod.  What would be best practice here?

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  1. Expert Member
    DCcontrarian | | #1

    I can't tell from the picture what's going on, but I can tell you that spray foam isn't going to be adequate.

    Generally it's the top and bottom of the door that are crucial to flash. At the top you want a piece of metal to kick water out away from the sheathing. At the bottom you want a sill pan.

    1. Theminesweeper | | #3

      Yeah, it will have a metal flashing above the window. This photo is of the gap between the accordion door frame (which does not have a flange) and the wall. I'd like to know what to put in there to flash it. WRB and Zip tape like we would for a flanged window? What do you do when you have too much space on the sides of your rough opening?

  2. Expert Member


    Treat it just as you would a flange-less window.

    1. Theminesweeper | | #4

      So just use Siga Fentrim tape to block that opening after it's been flashed and the frame has been put in?

      I had the framer take out the door frame and I'm going to flash the opening with WRB folded back inside along with liquid Zip. But that gap on the sides between the door frame and the wall will still be there even after flashing.

    2. Theminesweeper | | #5

      Actually I just found this Siga Fentrim 2 and someone recommended close cell backer rod to someone on another post. I think I'll do that.

  3. walta100 | | #6

    Most door and window manufactures have detailed flashing instructions for each product. Have you checked the website?

    Please post an exterior photo.

    I will repeat spray foam is no acquit and anyone that make such a suggestion has lost my respect and I would have a hard time leaving then unsupervised at my home.


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