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Air-Sealing a Window from the Interior

Potton | Posted in Green Building Techniques on

My contractor left the flangeless windows in my zone 6 house in this condition (see photo).  What should I do to improve the air thightness from the interior side: trim the foam and shims and try to put gooee stuff over them (and over the clips)?

Or rather apply 3M 8067 tape on the rough-opening, over them up to the tiny 1/8in edge of the window frame (being the side of the slot for the window extensions, which will be wood) ?

[Note: my Intello vapor retarder will be taped to the side of the rough-opening with Vana tape.]

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  1. Steve Knapp CZ 3A Georgia | | #1


    How were the openings prepared before the windows were installed? Hammer and Hand has a good how-to here:

    If your openings were not done correctly, you might consider asking for a redo.

    1. Potton | | #2

      I would say the openings were 'ok'. I'm considering how to improve airthigtness around the window from the interior while I have access...

  2. John Straus | | #3

    Tape the Intello to the window. Vana will work, Proclima also has thinner profiled tapes specific for this purpose.

    1. Potton | | #4

      While I can trim out the wood shims, I guess I would have to tape over the metal clips seen on the photo... I wish they were not there.

      1. John Straus | | #5

        I am not sure the clips are an issue, I would hammer them flat into the stud so they are not poking out. I am suggesting you bring the Intello onto the rough opening -- This video is for a skylight, but gives the idea:
        The clips will just sit behind the Intello, once the Intello is taped to the window your air barrier will be continuous across the interior plane.

        1. Potton | | #6


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