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What is the actual perm rating on open-cell foam – specifically Sealection 500?

956xKGtQAG | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

There were a series of postings years ago that had links to Demilec’s website as well as others. Those have been pulled. Where could someone find an official perm rating for Sealection 500? Did the companies pull the info for a reason?

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  1. user-626934 | | #1

    It's right there in the "Downloads" section -

    1268 ng/Pa.s.m2 for a 25mm sample...roughly 22 perms (U.S. units) for 1 inch of the stuff (if the conversion factor on Wikipedia is correct -

    It's about the same as other open cell foams that I've looked at.

  2. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #2

    John is right. Conclusion: it's very permeable.

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