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What is the best material for the underside of a porch?

John Spears | Posted in General Questions on

Currently the underside is bead board. After this winter in the Northeast it split from ice dam buildup and 2′ of snow sitting on the outside overhang 8′ by25′. The style of the house is a New England farmhouse. I understand their are two thickness’ of wood beadboard, PVC. I’m a little reluctant to use the wood because of possible moisture. The orginal was but up in the 20’s. Replaced with new in2014. The thin wood type.

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    Is this a ceiling under a deck that drains water through the deck boards? Or is it a ceiling above a porch, with roofing above the ceiling?

  2. Quentin Blade | | #2

    Here's another vote for pine or cedar carsiding. Only differance being, is that I would get it v-grooved (or beaded) to break up the mass of the piece and I would also get it end matched.

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