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What is the name of the “Flexible Peel & Stick” used for the sill pan in the Fine Home Building video series?

AotrMtEtt4 | Posted in General Questions on

We are having difficulty locating a product like this here. We will be installing triple pane fiberglass windows in our new build home near Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada – zone 7. Our walls will be covered with 2 layers (3.5 inches) of polyiso foam board with foil on the exterior. The video is at – How to Flash Windows over Rigid Foam Sheathing – 4th one Sill Pan with Flexible Peel & Stick.

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  1. user-689896 | | #1

    I think it's a dow product

  2. Raff | | #3

    John, any HD around your area can order IKO's Aquabarrier. I got mine at Roofmart in Brampton, best price around. Lowes in Barrie might carry it too, give them a call. The product comes in 36" wide rolls and you cut it to desired dims. The product in the video is Vycor, a Grace product, cut to whatever dims were required...much more $$ for same result.

  3. wjrobinson | | #4

    Raff, if you haven't used the Dupont window wrap it is crinkled so that when applied can do compound angles. That's a bit different than just chopping up Grace type products. But as you must do I too have used Grace roof products and just lapped all the way I have always done it prior to the Dupont invention.

  4. Raff | | #5

    yes, I used the flexwrap is on all of the sills. Sides and top got the cheaper treatment...

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