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What is wrong with my gas fireplace?

lswachs | Posted in General Questions on

We have a gas fireplace insert. It will not stay on if the solid glass door is on it. If we remove the glass it will work. We’ve had a partial inspection done on the control and logs. They seem to think it is not getting proper air ventilation. Would this be due to improper install of liner? would they be something clogging up the liner?
Any thoughts would be appreciated. Our chimney is approximately 40 ft. so we are having a hard time finding someone to look at it.

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    There is no substitute to having an experienced technician visit your house to assess the combustion air pathway, the gas burners, and your flue. You need to call up a gas appliance expert. Perhaps your gas supplier (gas utility) can recommend who you should call. In some areas, chimney sweeps are familiar with gas appliances.

    The illustration below shows typical venting details for a gas fireplace.


  2. tommay | | #2

    Does the flame go out on start up? Does the pilot stay lit or does it go out too? 40 ft of chimney is a lot. There are usually vent length/chimney height limits with appliances, check the manufactures instructions as far as maximum chimney heights/size associated with your model. It's possible you are getting a down draft as the fireplace starts up from rising hot air forcing the cold air back down into the fireplace itself. If that is the case, a fan or blower assistance may be needed to initiate a draft before lighting.

  3. Expert Member
    BILL WICHERS | | #3

    There are usually safety devices in these inserts to make sure it can’t operate when an unsafe condition is present. Things that are commonly monitored are proper draft (airflow), and a Pilot, If it has one, along with a sensor to make sure the flame lights properly when you run the unit. If it’s shutting down, you may have a problem that is a safety issue so you DO NOT want to just fiddle with it until it works.

    I’d call the manufacturer of the insert and ask them to recommend someone that is qualified to service your particular unit. I’d also recommend you shut off the gas valve to the insert, and I mean the gas valve on the gas pipe, not one on the fireplace insert itself, to be sure the unit is safe until a tech can come out to check the unit.


  4. JosephNelms | | #4

    Hey! If your Gas Fireplace still Isn't working I would suggest you to please call professionals.

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