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What new idea would you like to see pursued?

Charlie Sullivan | Posted in General Questions on

ORNL is running a competition for new ideas for building energy efficiency technologies. You can submit an idea or read and vote or comment on ideas that have been submitted. You have through the end of May to submit new ideas.

The leading idea right now is vacuum insulated panels that are plumbed to a central vacuum pump rather than being permanently sealed. Do you have a better idea than that?

Guidelines for ideas to submit, from their FAQ:
Innovative technical design ideas that are not yet prototyped
Ideas that are not already commercially available
Ideas that offer potential significant energy savings
Ideas must be developed to the degree that judges and website users may evaluate feasibility
No advertisements or endorsements for companies, products, events, etc. will be accepted

I’m not affiliated with the competition in any way … I just saw that and thought that some of the community here might have ideas or might have the background and experience to provide useful votes and comments on the ideas there.


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