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What type of vaper barrier should be used in insulating a garage wall from the inside?

8Ss8Rwi54A | Posted in General Questions on

Hello. I came across a situation at my previous home that the stucco would wick the moisture into the house. Had to take stucco off, reinsulate with a moisture-wicking barrier paper.

Going to insulate my garage and would like to know the best way of insulating from the inside, since the outside is stucco. What sort of barrier should one use before insulating?

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    The standard practice for installing stucco requires at least two layers of asphalt felt or two layers of a similar building paper. A better practice includes an air gap between the stucco and the sheathing.

    I don't know how the stucco on your garage was installed. But if you suspect that it is a faulty installation -- without at least two layers of a water-resistant barrier between the stucco and the sheathing -- then it may be unwise to insulate before first removing the stucco and correcting the moisture problem.

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