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What’s a good penetrating sealer to protect a concrete floor from dog urine?

C8gVUTPoqE | Posted in GBA Pro Help on

What is the best penetrating sealer for use on a polished concrete floor in terms of resistance to chemicals, specifically to urine (from dogs)?

I am having an existing concrete floor polished. I need the floor to be as resistant to dog urine as possible.
My contractors want to use Retropel, but they can provide no data on chemical resistance.

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  1. rRiCp7UCnk | | #1

    Try sealgreen polished concrete sealer it prevents oil, water and vinigar penetration into polished concrete. it has not been tested for pet urin but if you are willing to do a small test we will send you a sample of the product.

  2. jklingel | | #2

    Any way to confine the dog(s) to a small area and build something to keep the urine away in the first place?

  3. user-954051 | | #3

    I don't want to confine the dogs to a small area. my house is their house. however, if I will be away for more than a few hours and there is the possibility of urine remaining on the floor for extended hours I can put the dogs in other rooms.

    Mike Hernandez: I could not find the sealgreen polished concrete sealer on your website.

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