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What’s best Low VOC Caulk

martino5150 | Posted in GBA Pro Help on

I have chemical sensitivity and am looking to caulk, spackle and paint wainscoting and trim work, etc. in our house.

My contractor said he wants to caulk it and use ready patch as well as prime and paint it. The primer and paint I believe I can find in no or low VOC, but wasn’t sure about the caulk and ready patch.

Many thanks in advance!

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  1. BuildingFun | | #1

    Isn't caulk basically zero voc once cured?

    Maybe a waterbased caulk? How about BigStretch caulk?

  2. andy_ | | #2

    Pretty much every product used in construction has a SDS or Safety Data Sheet. You can usually find one by just googling the product name and "Data Sheet" or "SDS". For example here's one for Big Stretch:
    If you know what chemicals you are sensitive to, you can check the data sheet to see if it's present.

  3. amorley | | #3

    I have used caulk and construction adhesive from AFM Safecoat on a couple of projects and they performed (and have held up) just like the regular stuff. But they cost 2-4x the regular stuff at big box stores.

  4. AndyBower | | #4

    One way to test if it will work for you is to put a small sample into a tightly sealed mason jar with a little bit of water, then leave it somewhere outside hot and sunny for a while.

    Open the jar and sniff.

  5. KM11 | | #5

    Behr Multipurpose Caulk.
    GREENGUARD GOLD Certified.
    I have a chemical sensitivity.
    I barely smell it. And have had no problems w/ using it—and I’ve used it a lot—compared to others like DAP, which has ethylene glycol.

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