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What’s the Deal with Wood Fiber Insulation?

rockies63 | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

I’ve seen a lot of mentions for wood fiber insulation, usually applied to the exterior of the building. Has anyone used this product? My concern would be fire in addition to water absorption (whenever I’ve read an article on window installation they say “all windows leak – eventually” so if water is going to get into the wall assembly around the windows then wouldn’t the wood fiber insulation get soaked and rot – eventually?).

And with Roxul Comfortboard available and recommended in a wild fire zone, why would you put wood fibers on the exterior of the sheathing under the siding? It seems like a product with a lot of handicaps.

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  1. Expert Member


    GBA has run lots of articles on wood fibre insulation - some within the last month - that are worth reading. and there is a BS & Beer show-on the topic.

  2. maine_tyler | | #2

    Wood fiber has lots of benefits and the 'handicaps' you list either don't really exist at all, or are a non-issue for many people in many situations. Plenty to read on the subject as pointed out by Malcolm, if one wishes to actual educate themselves on the matter.

    But of course if you like Roxul for your situation then use Roxul.

  3. AlexPoi | | #3

    Couple of benefits of wood fiber over rockwool
    - Wood fiber has a negative CO2 carbon footprint (yes negative).
    - Wood fiber board are a lot more ridgid then rockwool panel.
    - Paraffin treated boards are water resistant and can act as your wrb. No need to install any membrane on top of it.

    One place these boards really shines are as the outside layer of a double stud dense pack wall. You can't do that with dense rock wool. Think of wood fiber boards as a non structural vapor permeable water resistant sheating.

  4. Expert Member

    The only downside I can think of is the price right now.

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