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Where can I buy windows with these features?

Sum_Guy | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

I’m in Ontario (Canada) where (like most places I guess) vinyl window makers are typical for this area. 

I’m going to be replacing my windows more or less one at a time, starting with a couple of patio doors I’m pulling out and replacing with large picture windows (65 x 48).  This house is 43 years old and has original pella windows.  They are double-pane but the inner pane is removable.  Main complaint is fogging and ice buildup on some of them during winter (even with moderate to low humidification).   The panes are probably 3 mm but maybe 2 mm?

For the picture windows, my ideal is dual-pane where the panes are each 6 mm, separated by 1 inch.  One of the panes (probably outer) would be two 3-mm panes with interior plastic lamination.  This is mainly for acoustic reasons (busy road behind me, ambulances and fire engines typically) but the resulting construction should be good as a thermal insulator.   I’m somewhat fuzzy on the coatings – these would be north-facing picture windows with zero concern about summer solar heat gain.  Keeping the heat in in winter is far more important.   Big thing for me is relatively large pane-spacing (compared to what I think is standard) and pane thickness.

As for frames, I don’t like vinyl, and these would presumably be heavy windows so I’m probably looking at either wood clad with either vinyl or fiberglass or completely fiberglass.  For the interior I’d like to have wood.

Are these specs reasonable?  Any idea from where or from who I could get something like this?

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  1. Nojak | | #1

    You basically want shatter proof outside (2 panes laminated with plastic), large air gap, another pane and fiberglass/wood construction. This sounds custom to me.

    Marvin or Pella has similar, but a smaller air gap. 1” air gap is definitely not normal for most. Try the smaller more obscure window builders.
    Contact Ridley and ask about their custom line built in Toronto. In the past they did great custom work for reasonable prices, but I suspect they have gone just high end now for custom.

  2. Sum_Guy | | #2

    Ridley's website is pretty light on construction details. I guess I'd take a .75" spacing if that's the best that anyone has. Any opinion on Ostaco Enersense? Or Andersen 100 series?

    1. Nojak | | #3

      You need to call Ridley for details. Info won’t be online for their in-house custom series.
      [we had them make pine inswing French casements and true divided lite French doors with skinny muntins yet double glazed]

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