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Where Can I Purchase Cardinal Glass IGUs?

niffoc | Posted in Project Management on

Not having any success locating a Cardinal Glass retailer that will provide IGUs.  Any advice will be appreciated.  When I call Cardinal directly, the Cardinal operator forwards me to voicemail.  After leaving messages, no calls are returned.  Have called many of the local glass providers in Jacksonville, FL.  They say only very large companies like Pella and Andersen have Cardinal accounts.  Don’t want to replace my windows – just 2 IGUs.  Local glass providers make their own IGUs but obviously the quality and reliability of local IGUs cannot match that of Cardinal. How can I get Cardinal IGUs?  Thanks!

IGU specs:

46-3/16″ X 39-7/8″ 
1/2″ OA: 1/8″ clear tempered,  1/4″ spacer,  1/8″ clear tempered

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  1. Robert Opaluch | | #1

    Cardinal does not sell to the public. Maybe the agreements they have with their customers prevents those window manufacturers from reselling Cardinal IGUs to others?

    It seems like the only way to get their IGUs is your approach. Maybe try ordering a Cardinal IGU through some other window companies? Or try a different major manufacturer of IGUs?

    Please post your success at getting a Cardinal IGU, or alternative IGU manufacturer later, thanks.

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