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Where do women fit into all of this?

davidmeiland | Posted in General Questions on

Currently we have AJ’s foam vs. population thread going…. the latest in what seems like a weekly series of end-of-the-world threads on GBA. Yes, peak oil is probably coming or here already. Yes, climate change is happening. Yes, rare earth minerals will not last forever. Yes, population is scheduled to hit 9 billion, and yes, all of us/them will want first-world lifestyles. My personal prediction is that there will be a lot of difficulty and misery, combined with a lot of positive outcomes that can’t be foreseen right now.

The question always seems to be, what can we do? And the answer usually seems to be, not much. We can debate foam vs. cellulose endlessly, but in the end it’s not even a drop in the bucket, right? Right. But… there is more you can do, and there might even be some fairly easy ways to do it.

Several weeks ago I had the fantastic good fortune to tune in to CBC radio during a broadcast of the Munk Debate between Tony Blair and Christopher Hitchens. The topic was religion, but Hitchens made an utterly compelling point about how to improve things in the world: work towards and support the empowerment and education of women, across the globe. His analysis is incredibly sharp, and I would urge anyone who didn’t hear the debate to pay a few bucks and download it. I don’t actually know much about Hitchens, but the logic and simplicity of what he says in this debate is mind-boggling.

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  1. wjrobinson | | #1

    End-of-the-world, no. End of cheap exponential fossil fuel fueled growth, yes.

    We are changing direction worldwide on all fronts. From green living ideas to new ideas in spiritualism to the empowerment of women to dramatic changes in fuel sources and pricing to peaceful revolution in Egypt.

    Some of us will get to the other side, some will not.

    My post is to do with being part of, getting some of us, to the other side.

    The sides being, the 20th century with it's fossil fueled growth to the 21st century and post fossil fuel life.

    Raw materials used straight up and out, is going toward atomic and sub atomic scale engineered growth.

    God is becoming the combined knowledge of all of us present and past, the vast knowledge base of mankind since we have shared and remembered and built upon this all that humans have been on a quest for.

    Both Hitchens and Blair make good points IMO.

    I like this post David. I think the average person here in the USA may be in for a surprise someday to see something of an uprising right here that gains more traction than just a few politicians voted in via the Tea Party.

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