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Where does exterior trim sit in relation to jamb on nail fin window? Drip cap trim…a true drip cap?

Ryan_SLC | Posted in General Questions on

Hey all,

Sorry for the basic questions.

I understand exterior trim (my case PVC) covers the new construction nail fin. However, I can’t quite find how close to touching the actual protrusion of the jamb does the trim go to? Touching? If there is a gap, what would it be?

Final question on windows I hope 🙂 I have my drip cap right above the window good to go, but on the trim above (top) can pvc drip cap moulding pieces serve as a functioning flashing detail here? I am thinking head flashing behind the WRB but the drip cap pvc on the outside of the house wrap. Would the moulding serve enough of a kick out for water on the Hardie plank above to get most exterior drainage while not causing snaking issues on the house wrap under? I’m looking at something like this as the product:

Thank you all!

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