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Where is the best place for a consumer to obtain a green building construction loan?

GBA Editor | Posted in General Questions on

Wanting to build a green efficient home in Alabama on 3-acre lot with plenty of sunshine and wind.

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    Cy and Sabine,
    My first reaction: don't assume than a "green efficient home" needs a different method of financing from other types of new homes. A home loan is a home loan.

    However, I'll modify my statement somewhat: there may be lenders that specialize in loans for energy-efficient homes. Some lenders do allow buyers of energy-efficient homes to borrow more than would otherwise be possible, on the assumption that lower energy bills will leave the home buyers with more money in their pockets to use for their monthly mortgage payments.

    Finally, the home financing industry has been thrown into turmoil during the last 12 months, so anyone's expertise quickly becomes obsolete. Any readers care to chime in?

  2. Robert Riversong | | #2

    I don't know anything about financial institutions in Alabama, but up here in New England local savings & loan institutions are not only more open to mortgaging "alternative" homes, but are often more responsive and accountable to the local community and less likely to sell off the loan to a derivative packager.

  3. Allison A. Bailes III | | #3

    Check the following websites: (Jeff Cole, based in Tampa, FL) (Geoff Ferland, based in Asheville, NC)

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