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Where is the best place to go to get a building science education?

Spencer Shemwell | Posted in General Questions on

I am a young builder looking to learn more about building science. I do a lot of research on the internet but I think my time could be better spent in a classroom, virtual or otherwise.. I’ve looked in to yestermorrow but would like something geared more specifically to building science. I subscribe to the fine Homebuilding podcast and building science corporation. They have really opened my eyes but I would like a more formal education.

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    There are lots of options. One approach is to pursue one of the certification programs offered by RESNET or the Building Performance Institute (BPI). Visit those organization's web sites for more information.

    If you are looking to change careers, and are interested in a master's degree or doctorate, you might want to pursue a degree in building science or building engineering from the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada.

    -- Martin Holladay

  2. Expert Member
    Malcolm Taylor | | #2

    The programmes at the University of Waterloo are fantastic. Their effect has spread outward, first to the architecture school there and then to all the other schools in Canada, profoundly changing how building science is taught.

  3. Brendan Albano | | #3

    If you're looking for a shorter bit of education, Building Science Corporation offers training:

    The info in the class is also mostly available for free on their website. Just start at the beginning and read all the articles, and you've basically taken the class. But, you miss out on the opportunity to ask questions and the other benefits that in-person learning can provide. Up to you if that's worth the cost.

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