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For Sale: Used Heat Pump

elioty | Posted in General Questions on

I bought an 60,000 BTU Arctic Heat Pump two years ago and used it for a winter. We’ve since added on to the house and have changed the heating system, so we’re now trying to re-sell this unit.

I remember using this site as a resource back when I was researching heat pumps, and I’m curious if anyone would know where the best place would be to sell a unique unit like this? I’ve tried ebay and craigslist but I suspect not many interested parties are looking there.

I’d also be happy to chat to anyone about this unit if they’re curious about our experience.

Thanks in advance for any advice.


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  1. GBA Editor
    Kiley Jacques | | #1

    Facebook Marketplace is a good bet. It seems to be the go-to place for people who are into salvaged and used goods of all kinds.

    1. elioty | | #4

      Good point, I dislike facebook but perhaps that's a place to try out. Thanks Kiley!

  2. Trevor_Lambert | | #2

    I'd be interested, but it is insanely oversized for my needs. How big is your house that 60kbtu was inadequate? That makes me wonder if it doesn't perform as advertised, something I was already wondering about. Their website is very thin on technical specs.

    1. elioty | | #3

      The house is now well over 3000 sqft, we haven't measured it yet, all with radiant floor heat. It worked great for 1500 sqft in the winter but didn't do so well after the first addition. Our place also isn't perfectly built, so the BTU need is higher per sqft than more modern builds are.

  3. nickdefabrizio | | #5

    Is this an Air to Water system or Air to Air? I thought these were A2W...I looked at buying used Air to Air mini splits. One of the problems is finding an HVAC guy who would bleed out and recharge the linesets... .Some air to Water systems do not need a pro install.

    1. elioty | | #6

      This is an Air to Water, so it doesn't require an HVAC guy. Definitely one of the perks.

      1. nickdefabrizio | | #7

        Interesting. I might be interested. Where are you located ?

        1. elioty | | #8

          I'm in northern New Mexico. Feel free to text me at 575-224-1665.

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