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Where to find off the-shelf green house plans?

user-2787744 | Posted in General Questions on

I am glad to pay an off-the-shelf price for the plan. I have an accepted contract for a lot, now I have a short deadline to get a lot-specific house plan-materials list-cost breakdown to the bank providing the loan. Bank wants stick-built. The view is primarily East, secondarily North, which complicates things. I really want to build green. Can anyone help with this request?

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  1. user-2787744 | | #1

    Perhaps I should say that I am in Moab, Utah. 4000 feet, winters down to, say 0 degrees, and summers up to over 100 degrees most of July.

  2. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #2

    Here are some Web links to get you started. I am not vouching for any of these companies or for any of the plans they promote; I am merely showing you what is out there.

  3. kevin_in_denver | | #3

    Greg Laverdera has been at this a while:

    Here's another site, where you can download a few of their plans for free:

  4. wjrobinson | | #4

    How green?

    Building out of waste a small home is pretty green. Look up homes built from tires, cans, bottles, etc. Less green, look for homes built out of bales. Less green, look into harvesting the trees on your property and using as much material as you can that comes from your property and not from a store. Less green, build a home with "green labeled products" and paint it.... green.

    As you define what "green is to you specifically, your path forward will become clear.

  5. propeller | | #5

    Green can also be a smaller house that cost less to build, heat and maintain while being better designed so that it feel spacious and inviting...Take a look at one of the plans of Ross Chapin, a great architect. Good luck with your project.

  6. Gregory La Vardera | | #6

    A friend sent me this link because my house plans were mentioned above.

    We do publish houseplans at the link posted by Kevin above. However the following link will take you directly into our catalog:

    I've followed the links that Martin has posted because I was curious. I find the claims of green and net zero on those sites to be rather nebulous. Attaining net-zero takes careful design, and the reality is any catalog house plan will need to be carefully adjusted to achieve that. No stock plan can be tuned hit net zero in every climate in the country, so I would bring great skepticism to those claims.

    What we offer are a series of contemporary house designs which can utilize highly efficient energy performance assemblies for heating climates. We have documented these wall assemblies extensively on these pages:
    These spell out wall assemblies of varying insulation values that permit you to choose an appropriate level of performance for your climate.

    While these assemblies can be incorporated into any of our designs, we have begun offering house plans which incorporate these high performance wall designs directly into the Construction Print Sets. These would be:
    Several of these are designed for specific exposures, depending on the orientation of your site.

    We believe this is a distinctly unique offering in the house plan market, bringing together high quality custom like design, and highly efficient energy performance.

    And Kevin, if you've not been watching, we are working now on a series of narrow lot designs that include Twins - perfect for the neighborhood you develop in. These designs will also incorporate our energy efficient wall assemblies. You can review the ongoing development of this new product on our blog:

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