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Where to find zero VOC doors and cabinets?

user-894335 | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

We are building a new house in California and need a lot of doors and cabinets. The price delta between the “regular” products and low-VOC products are huge.

1. Are there online or local stores in California that sell reasonably priced good quality zero/low VOC doors and/or cabinets?

2. If the zero/low VOC products are above my budget, is there a way to reduce the VOC such as applying some sort of sealer? I figure I probably will run into the same issue with buying furnitures also.

3. I will have wood window, cabinet, floors. I am not picky about color, so clear coat is fine. What zero products that you recommend to seal the wood?

My main concern is IAQ due to health reason.


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  1. Foamer | | #1

    I don't know about doors but check out IKEA for your kitchen cabinets. As far as I know they follow the much stricter European outgassing requirements on all their markets and they are very competitive with what you find at your local box store.

  2. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #2

    Here's a link to GBA's product guide for cabinets:

    Of course, I can't guarantee that these products are inexpensive....

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